Spring Weather Ushers in Allergy and Migraine Season

With temperatures rising above freezing (and waking up allergens), the barometer playing tennis and high humidity and precipitation, spring ushers in many health conditions. Barometric pressure migraines, seasonal allergies and aches and pains. Online writers, freelancers and those who work at computers or in offices--don't think you're not susceptible just because you may work indoors or at home. Now's the time to boost vitamin C and zinc and get fresh air. Stale office air breeds germs too.

* Seasonal allergies. My allergist says his office is much quieter during winter, when the ground frost and snow send plants into hibernation. Once the temperatures rise above freezing and the plants and trees start to wake up, he's a busy man. OSENTA (Ottawa Shores ENT Associates) has put together a helpful bibliography of allergy and ENT resources covering conditions, drugs, procedures and treatment options.  Spring Weather Ushers in Allergy and Migraine Season


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