Seven Reasons This Work at Home Mom is Logging Out of Facebook

Over a third of Facebook users are spending less time on the social network, says a recent study in Reuters. I'm not surprised. Though I still use my account for networking and sometimes specific work-oriented groups, I've been avoiding Facebook for general use. We online freelancers were particularly vulnerable when Facebook came calling. It promised networking (which we need to promote our work) and (more importantly, I think) social interaction. Working at home, most of us spend WAY too much time in our own heads. We prone to loneliness like no other group of people.  So here's why I'm cutting excessive social networking and why, speaking from nearly a decade working online, you should too.

* Unprofessional. Compared to the puerile Myspace, with its kitschy impedimenta, I liked the spartan feel of Facebook. Now I realize that despite this, Facebook can still make us look pretty silly. Granted we do it to ourselves sharing weird photos, sayings and way-too-much-information updates. Whether I personally do this, I'm tarred with the same brush if I hang out with people who do.  Seven Reasons Freelancers Should Nix Excess Facebook Interaction


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