A Month of Money Saving Penny-Pinching Tips

Normally, articles on this blog are about ways to make money or earn more efficiently. This one's about saving, because at th
e core of making money is saving it. Like Benjamin Franklin pointed out, money saved is income. Not spending or spending less means more money for other things.

Penny pinching and saving money has been likened to building a dam. The large holes are obvious. The small crevices are less noticeable, but if left to slowly leak, will eat up funds quickly. Here's a month of easy budget repairs to prevent financial leaks.

Number 1: Stop buying beverages from restaurants or travel. Instead of stopping for a coffee or picking up a soda or bottle of water, put that money into a jar. Buy a reusable water bottle or make one with a recycled one. With a family of six,  I've saved $180 doing this (now if I could just break my husband's Biggby addiction!)  A Month of Money Saving Penny-Pinching Tips


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