Coca-Cola anti-obesity group closes: GEBN misled in no-diet weight loss claims

Global Energy Balance Network, a Coca-Cola anti-obesity group, is closing down after it was found that GEBN misled in its no-diet weight loss claims. Time magazine reported on Dec. 1, that the media could be responsible for this closure. News sources went after the Coca-Cola backed obesity initiative when it told people that they could lose weight without diet, using exercise alone. No-diet weight loss has always intrigued obese people who don't want to change how they eat to lose weight. The GEBN plan seemed like manna from heaven. But alas, it was just a pie crust promise (easily made, easily broken). Exercise-only weight loss plans fly in the face of medical knowledge and also practical weight loss experience. No-diet weight loss might sound like a great plan, but it doesn't work. Just about every person who has lost weight--other than through illness--and kept it off has had to amend her eating habits.   Coca-Cola anti-obesity group closes: GEBN misled in no-diet weight loss claims |


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