Newlywed jealous wife left server note 'he's my husband, find your own' no tip |

It just isn't cute anymore, this business of leaving a waitress a smart-aleck notes instead of tips. For one thing, it's tacky exhibitionism and for another it's depriving someone of hard-earned wages. Here's the latest: a newlywed jealous wife left her server a note "he's my husband, find your own" and no tip. KFOR-TV reported on Nov. 10 that waitress Jessica Morris posted about the incident on Facebook. Few people would argue that the note isn't awkward in extremis, but you might think it melodramatic to take it to social media. It does serve to raise awareness to two glaring problems: sub-minimum wage and puerile, cheapskate diners, however.Newlywed jealous wife left server note 'he's my husband, find your own' no tip |



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