Free Printable Spooky Halloween Crafts and Scary Paper Toys

Why the heck is she posting about printable kids crafts on a blog about online writing, you're asking? Because as work-at-home moms and dads, we deal with one (or several) major obstacles in the person (people) of our children. Meaning that, much as you love the little dears, it's difficult (impossible) to get much done when they are in "that" mood--bored, whiny, underfoot. And if school's cancelled so much the worse. So clever mama Mar has come up with workarounds--print a bunch of crafts and let kids make them. Use for decorations. Now warning, these free printable Halloween crafts might scare really little kids. The free photo left is an example--a free printable door knocker from Ravensblight. You know your children best--use your best judgement. Spooky Crafts and Scary Paper Toys to Print Free


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