How to Maximize Blog Ad Revenue on Google Adsense

To monetize niche blogs, utilize ad revenue sites. My best earner is Google Adsense. Here are tips to maximize Google Adsense earnings.

Open Adsense account.

Burn blog feeds on Add 'Feed Flare' to blog Template page. This gives your blog more exposure. Enable sharing and social sites on Feed Flare. Don't duplicate what Blogger already offers: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Email.

Manage ads on Blogger Dashboard from the "Earnings" tab. Enable Google Adsense by clicking "yes" to show ads on blog. Enable ads in "sidebar and posts."

On "Layout" tab, use "Add a Gadget" to place ads (up to three). Choose ad size, shape, color and configuration. Using mouse, drag ads to desired spots.

Click "Edit" on Blog Posts window of 'Layout' page. Make sure "Show Ads between Posts" box checked.

Place all ads above the fold (point at which readers must scroll to keep reading).

Best ad placements are Leaderboard (horizontal banner across the top under the blog title), large rectangle on first blog post and wide vertical in sidebar.  I like leaderboard because viewers see ads immediately, even if they do not scroll down.

Track blog statistics and user demographics from Adsense or on blog Stats page. Enable Google Analytics account for more detailed stats.

Use Webmaster Central to identify any blog problems, missing links, etc.

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