Framing Interview Questions for Bubblews

 I think it's neat  that Bubblews CEOs have offered to be interviewed for our personal blogs. I'm a "manic blogger" (I have 55 right now). So having a platform is no problem. But choosing which one might be. I'm going to write up short descriptions of the ones I think might fit and ask them choose which they think would be best. And interviewing is right up my alley.

But I am, confidentially, little (lot) nervous. I don't want to ask commonplace or trivial questions. I like +Bubblews and want it to show. I also want to know more about what makes these guys tick. I mean seriously, for two such young guys to have brought such a huge, successful enterprise a Bubblews to fruition is nothing short of ground-breaking.  So here's how I'm framing the questions. Hoping to Interview Arvind or Jason (and Think up Great Questions)


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