Bubblews Addicts Anonymous Says Easy Does It? I Say YOLO

Warning: This post is silly with a kernel of truth. But any resemblance to self-help groups, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All of us who write for Bubblews agree it is addicting. And what's the first thing we should do with addiction? Start a 12-step group. We fear anything we enjoy too much, especially us masochistic writers. We think in order to make money and be successful we have to hate what we write. That words must come at sacrifice. Okay hyperbole, but seriously, what's so bad about enjoying a site that pays well and is fun? Nothing.

But no, we have to analyze our addiction. Break it. control it. Well, let's use those recovery slogans with Bubblews. Slogan one: Easy does it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. We should stop perserveratively posting, reading each other's posts, liking, commenting, sharing. All this excessive interacting is creating dependency and codependency and ..... Heck No! I say seriously enjoy Bubblews. Fire up those laptops and phones! Get busy writing! Get busy interacting! Have a ball! And Merry Christmas from the host of this blog. Bubblews Addicts Anonymous Easy Does It? How About Watusi Party!


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