Krispy Kreme glaze apes methamphetamine? Cops bust Daniel Rushing on 'crystal meth' donut

Methamphetamine in Krispie Kreme donuts? Well, dip me in chocolate and call me a Long John! No wonder they're so dang addictive! But seriously, Florida cops thought that Krispie Kreme had a new donut flavor -- crystal meth. They arrested motorist Daniel Rushing for what looked like white meth flakes. Rushing told them it was donut glaze but Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins didn't believe him. She conducted several roadside drug tests which proved the presence of narcotics. But a criminal lab report cleared Rushing -- not meth.   Krispy Kreme glaze apes methamphetamine, cops bust Daniel Rushing on 'crystal meth' donut


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