Get Windows 8 Traditional Start Menu Like Windows 7 Without Updating to Windows 8.1

Can we just agree that Windows 8 is should be called the 8th level of hell? Over-complicated, too many ways to access things you don't want, not enough ways to get to what you do want, gobs of pre-loaded commercial software from Netflix, Kindle, Ebay, all of which Windows Firewall is default set to allow through. Yet important things like, oh say, Google Chrome, routers, aren't. And the classic start menu? Where did that go. Windows 8.1 promises a classic start menu but it's nothing like the old one. And you don't need to update to 8.1 or RT 8.1 to get it. Here how to find your old start menu from Windows 8.   Get Windows 8 Traditional Start Menu Similar to Windows 7


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