How to Cope with SAD and Winter Blues

Do you feel a sort of depression after the New Year that lasts until spring? If so then you may be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Online writers and work at home parents are particularly prone to SAD. In many parts of the world, the months of November to March are long, dark and cold. As the temperature drops, more clouds form. Clouds of course block the sun. The short days keep us in darkness longer time each day. The affective component of SAD is the gloomy feeling that some may experience with lack of light. We also get less vitamin D when the sun is not visible. Some may feel eye strain or even headaches due to the extra work our eyes must do to compensate for the lack of light. When days are darker, we can rely less on natural light. Many of us spend much of our day working under fluorescent lighting which can have negative and depressing effects on us.  How to Cope with SAD and Winter Blues


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